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Great for youth lacrosse programs

With this lacrosse training aid you can do many different types of lacrosse drills. Because it's a lacrosse rebounder, we recommend that you wear the necessary lacrosse gear / lacrosse equipment when using the product. This includes lacrosse goggles for the girls.

The B-Lax Blast teaches using the stick as a lever as well as catching the lacrosse ball on the run. The number of repetitions and the ability to practice on your own increases the probability of success through confidence and muscle memory and helps move away from the “push” of the lacrosse ball. Remember to wear your game ready lax equipment.

Tip ... Work on the weak side. It's huge and will be a game changer!


Video Links (youth players using the rebounder) to stop the "push" of the lacrosse ball:

  How to start using the lacrosse rebounder

  General Training Drills - Left Pole and Shooting Drills

  Old Fashion Shoot-out ... 2 guys, 2 cans, 1 winner

  Experienced Use - Underhand, Running and Catching and Pole

  Lacrosse Rebounder Tricks

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