About B-Lax
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About B-Lax:

We started selling product in January of 2009. To date, thousands  of the lacrosse rebounders have been sold. The product has been thoroughly tested for strength and resistance. We were even lucky enough to have Kyle Harrison use it for 45 minutes, ripping his 100+ underhand shot, at the San Diego Lax Fest.

A couple of things ...

We're not against traditional training techniques like the Wall, Bounce Back Rebounders, etc ... we love them but know everyone doesn't have access. This product was NOT created to improve shooting and passing, but to improve comfort. Much like you dribble a basketball as often as you can, you want to get simple reps in (both strong and weak side) to improve your comfort and hand - eye around the ball.

If you play with the Blast on concrete, the cord can wear thin if you scoop the ball. Don't worry - it's cool to play with it on concrete ... just don't scoop through the ball.

Raking the ball when the Blast is attached to your stick head  may cause the product to disengage. This was a design feature requested by coaches to stop players from raking.