Tons of Video Drills Below - Scroll down to see the drill for you! 


 EVERYONE should START with the Bounce Shot and Catch to get the feel of the cord.

8 Throws and Catches in 20 Seconds:  Throw overhand, stick high and back. Use the stick as a lever, using the same mechanics as if you were taking a shot or throwing a pass. The cord actually brings the ball to the ground.



  Start with a Bounce Shot and Catch - Getting the feel of the Cord and Ball.

   Quick Stick - Practice this on both Strong and Weak Side


    Switching Hands - Working Hand Eye and Muscle Memory - Notice the rapid switch from Right Hand to Left ... Invaluable!


   Weak Side Catch, Over the Shoulder, while Running


   Individual Line Drill - Running and Catching


    Young Girl Using the Blast at the Under Armour All American Tourney in Towson University


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