Mike O’Neill:
Time All American John’s Hopkins, US Lax Team Member, Asst. Coach U of Delaware, U of NC, & Brown

"We checked out the B-Lax Blast -  it’s a great lacrosse training product & way different than a wall because it’s dynamic & fast like game situations.  Just 2 minutes a day will improve your weak side drastically."

100% Guarantee - if it breaks, send it back and we'll replace it for free!


What's Your Edge?

It's legit
a lax rebounder that sharpens the hand-eye of any lax player men, women or youth.  Helps develop quick, smooth movesA regulation lacrosse ball is thrown out and the elastic cord retracts the ball. It's real quick!

We Ship Around the World.. Orders Usually Leave Our Warehouse The Next Day!

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Bought direct off the B-Lax site and threw it on the stick this morning ... basically makes you throw properly 

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Why 1 Size Cord?  We’re about "Game Speed Quickness" - improving hand-eye and increasing number of touches. The B-Lax Blast was designed just for this. Increase your touches, improve your hand-eye, control the ball and win the game.  Thousands of tests have produced the best size and type of cord to do this!  Great for youth through advanced guy or girl lax players. You can never be too quick!

Fits all Stick Heads - guy, girl, pole, attack, middie, goalie. Here are the Improvements:

There's a "Felt Stopper" embedded into the attachment device. The "Stopper" guarantees a super snug fit on the head, including the STX Proton Series heads.

We worked with cord manufacturer to get the best blend of elasticity, weight and strength. The new cord in is guaranteed to last so call us if you have any issues. It's the best cord on the market - we stand behind it!

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Get your friends / team members involved. Volume Discounts ...  Up to 30 Units

Featured in US Lacrosse Magazine's October 2014 Edition, "The Best Selling Lacrosse Gear for 2014" insert produced by SportStop - The Premier Retailer for Lacrosse online The B-Lax Blast Training Ball ...

"We have seen a few folks out there with a product like this, but this one is WAY better.  Why?"

  • Cord is MUCH more rugged than competitors
  • The ball is molded specifically for this product
  • Innovative attachment device makes it quick to put on and take off
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    Product presently only comes in Orange.

Do not rake back when the lacrosse rebounder is attached. Scoop through the ball when picking it up. Raking can cause the product to disengage.

This Product is Protected by U.S. Pat. No. 8,100,782