B-Lax Blast Reviews:

When I had told another team mother about this item she wanted me to order her son one as well. He intern loves his, and also plays with his daily.

Mary, NY

So, as a coach I thought it would be a great item for the 3rd and 4th grade kids to practice with. They could get used the easier b-lax drills and work up to harder drills
as years passed. We got 30 b-lax's for the 3rd and 4th grade program, and the kids love them!

Tina NY

The B-Lax System works great! Thanks!

Chris, Massachusetts

Hey B-Lax, 3 replacements cords, wow! thank you so much, the kids are improving everyday with the product, they were frustrated at first, but they realized the release has to be perfect or the cord will wind around the head/shooting strings. It really does emphasize the proper throwing technique, so thanks again,

Best regards,
Brian, Massachusetts

Guys That is awesome. The boys love them… You are by far one of the best companies I have ever dealt with as far as customer service goes.
Trust me. that is a lot coming from me, as I have worked as a professional buyer for a subsidiary of ( A Major Retailer) - dealing with large multinational manufactures.
My boys are twin 6 year olds  soon to be 7 year olds, and  just about to start their  2nd year of Box Lax.  They love the game and love just practicing.  The B-lax has helped them improve their overall hand eye co-ordination as well as their throwing/shooting, and definitely the targeting with the pop can drill.

All I can say is great work guys! Thank You and all the best!

MM - Canada

Hello - It arrived on December 29th for my son and for my nephew, both who are still absolutely thrilled.  My son now has his and thinks it's amazing, he's almost 20 and has been playing lacrosse since he was 5 and can't believe it took this long for a product like this to come out!

Take care,
Jannie, Maryland

There was virtually no learning curve on this and I was rifling this ball around immediately. I've played a fair bit of lacrosse, but it's still pretty simple. My 6 year old had the bounce and catch on the first try, and he's about at a 50% catch rate. When his throwing motion is correct, he's closer to 100%. Again, this is a primary benefit of the tool in the first place.

Not sure if it was designed intentionally to do this, but it basically makes you throw properly (through the strings, not sidearm) at first before you can jump up to some of the advanced stuff. For anyone that's played a decent amount of lacrosse, the "advanced" stuff is pretty easy right out of the gates. Would (and already have) recommend this to anyone.

Congratulations on a Great Product and thank you for the improved buffer B-Lax Attachment clip...

I wanted to tell you what a pleasure it brings to me to have your product. I live in rural Southern Arizona i.e. the Sonoran desert where little is paved and no grass , mostly pebbles and rock as a surface. To find a good wall is next to impossible and the popularity of the game is minimal.

My 1969 Championship undefeated team was recently inducted into the St.Paul's School Hall of Fame in Baltimore last October, so the game has been top of mind recently for me. A well placed google ad snapped my attention to your product and I have been in lacrosse heaven ever since! Great delivery and great service! Go forth and prosper!!!


Ivan (Sandy) Drechsler   USA

Thank you, I'm getting the order of ten as a gift to my sons team mates, as this is his last year of High School. He was given one (b-lax) by a friend at summer training and loves the thing, so we are passing it on.

Joseph, Troy NY

Hi, long time no talk, as predicted the mail finally arrived last night and bingo the first package you sent was delivered. It took about 10 minutes before my son was outside trying to fire the ball. He loves the rebounder. I can't thank-you enough for taking time to talk to me.  So, I appreciate your superb customer relations and I will recommend your device and company to everyone in our lacrosse circle.
Thanks again, you made one little guy very happy.

I must say I purchased your product for my daughter who plays Tyke rep on an all boys team and she LOVES it.  It caused such a reaction that several other kids on the team purchased it as well., so Kudos to you, great product!  .... We just came off our Ontario provincial tournament and my daughter had her B-Lax on her between games practicing with it, well several dozen parents from across Ontario asked about your product and where to purchase it, so I passed on your info……………….


Lisa, Ontario, Canada


Hello - I ordered your product and the kids are going crazy with it. I'm pretty sure I could sell hundreds of them!

Thank you !!!

Shannon, Alberta, Canada


Thank you!  Awesome product!
Robert, Leesburg, VA

Received (the product) on friday, thank you very much.

My son loves it and the coaches here think its just dandy to use for hand eye co-ordination.

Kind Regards,
Landon, Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada


!WOW! The ingenious B-LAX Blast is helping my son and me Better our overall "LAX" skills, reflexes, and even our "Blast" shot for future goal attempts all while working hard but NOT even realizing it because it's so much fun!!! It got dark out before we knew it--crazy cool--! I'll most definitely pass AND show this totally awesome lax device around!!! ALL Lacrosse level players gotta get the B-LAX Blast.

MUCH RESPECT to Stefan & the B-LAX Team for their great customer service & crazy great price....

JoJo WAR DRUMMER for The Denver Outlaws, Coach as well as BigTime Lacrosse player

We decided to check out The B-Lax Blast and now know that it’s a great lacrosse training product. Just 2 minutes a day on your weak side will improve your game drastically. It’s way different than a wall or rebounder because it’s dynamic, it’s fast like game situations and it makes a player improve hand-eye and muscle memory. The Blast makes it easy to figure out what’s working (not working) on your release and catch.  As a coach, this is a fantastic tool for me and my players. It should be in everyone’s bag!”

Mike O’Neill – 4 Time All American – John’s Hopkins Lacrosse, US Lacrosse Team Member, Assistant Coach at University of Delaware, University of North Carolina and Brown University



This is a great tool for lacrosse players of all levels. The potential for self improvement skyrockets as you can really get the reps in without having to chase missed balls. I even use mine indoors when the weathers bad. Great Product

Coach Roy Reynolds of the Walton Jr. Lacrosse U15 senior Select team



I have recently purchased two b-lax lacrosse trainers, one for my son and one for my daughter, both of whom are twelve.  They absolutely LOVE using it!  They are both using it to increase their skills in ways that just passing and wall balls could never do.  Thanks for such a versatile training tool that can be used for the different skill levels that my kids have.  Worth every penny!

Brenda B. Monument, Colorado



B-Lax - Thanks so much for the 30 B-Lax Blasts. The girl’s teams just love them. I have them working on their weak side for 5 minutes to start each practice.  It’s a great new way to train and a great new product.  Best to you and the company.

Matt  - MA. Girls Lacrosse Program



We saw your booth at the Jamboree this weekend and our kids tried out your product. We were rushing off to a game and then came back on Sunday afternoon after our 1:30 game and you guys had already left.  Can we purchase 2 of your B-LAX BLASTS?  We live in Littleton, CO and are not sure if we can pick up the product from you locally or if you have to mail it.  Kids were so disappointed that you guys were gone.  Thanks for your help.

Jennifer  Littleton, CO



You will remember me as the too tall for his hair ref from the placid tournament.  My son loves  the Blast I brought back for him from the tournament. I recently spent 12 days working security at the NY State Fair. I was stationed at a relatively boring spot and spent much of my time working on my "stick skills" with the blast. I could have sold a bunch of Blasts that day and I know for a fact that several were ordered from your site from the people who saw me using the ball.  Incidentally, I was working near the Indian Village. Even the Native Americans were impressed.  Can I get a wholesale price for some of the coaches I know?
Over 60 and still playing … NY